Welcome to Woodstock Artifacts - designed to exhibit the most remarkable collection of items related to, salvaged or reclaimed from the original "Woodstock Music & Art Fair" presented in August 1969

Although a rental agreement had been made at the end of March and logistical planning and preliminary construction had begun for a three day event in Wallkill NY, the town abruptly denied building permits and implemented prohibitive new zoning ordinances which brought the promoters' months of preparations to a halt. The Woodstock Festival became a "cause celebre" as the result of being relocated and resurrected on Max Yasgur's Farm, near White Lake in the town of Bethel NY, in exactly four weeks' time. Every resource was employed to install an infrastructure for a small city - putting in roads, drilling wells, installing plumbing systems, garbage compactors & portable toilets, supplying poles & wire for production, backstage & security trailers and a hundred pay phones, running power lines from eight miles away for a seventy by eighty foot stage (elevated twenty feet off the ground), sound and light towers, erecting an artists' pavilion, medical & kitchen facilities, and fifty or so concession structures.


WoodStock Poster