Festival Accessories

Here you will find only true artifacts from the 1969 Woodstock Festival

The first is a handmade necklace of tiny rainbow colored glass beads strung along about 52 inches of individually sized and crimped copper wire links. It is a thoroughly authentic and charming reminder of the period. I came across a listing posted by a surrogate on behalf the owner who was forced by the economic downturn to auction off this heirloom which had been gifted by her father who passed away at the age of 46. I was determined to include it here on Woodstock Artifacts to pay tribute to her dad who attended the festival in his early twenties. The b&w photo copy is all she would relay after several attempts to glean further details. Scribbled on the back of the photo is a note "My Dad and me at 8 yrs. old, around the time I asked about the beads". The story goes: He bought them off an individual, a girl who had made the necklace, as a gift for his girlfriend. The relationship did not last long and she returned it.

Imagine - an eight year old given a necklace by your Dad, and being told "This came from the Woodstock Festival"!

The second was listed as a "Hippy Carpet Bag from 1969" and was claimed to have been used to carry essentials at Woodstock and other music festivals. The seller appears to be a relative of the owner, a woman who lived in Canada and attended numerous festivals with this bag as her constant companion. It represents the upsurge of homemade crafts in the late sixties and is remarkably well made, with hand stitched fabric squares attached to a solid wood "spoke" with handles of similar sturdy cloth. An enduring classic design and testament to the resourcefulness of the artisans and emerging recycling movement of the time.

This intriguing instrument was offered for auction and I contacted the seller, an antique dealer who regularly participates in estate liquidations in Pennsylvania. He was familiar enough with the family of Chuckie Hillars to obtain a letter from his sister authenticating this keepsake from the summer of 1969.

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