Ultimate Poster

Here's one of my most amazing acquisitions. An original 18x24 in. Skolnick "Dove on Guitar" poster. Note the inscription in the dove - Ticket Sales and Reservations Office (with arrow) - which means this poster could have been hung only one place. Outside the only ticket office Woodstock Ventures ever had - at the El Monaco Motel, 4 miles from the festival site.

This remarkable item was auctioned by a sports memorabilia broker in Massachusetts, where I vacation, who said he knew the seller from the Philly area and confirmed they had worked for Woodstock Ventures in 1969 and had removed the poster from display before the rainstorm.

I had this poster appraised by a specialist who vouched for the sports auction house in MA. Finally, in the fall of 2012, I had the pleasure of hosting a visit from none other than Michael Lang, the well known face of Woodstock Ventures, producers of the 1969 festival, who summarily dismissed the notion they ever had a legitimate office on site. Slowly though, he remembered, saying: "You know, this might have been from the hotel". Eureka!!!!

Lovingly matted and framed with authentic, weather worn, nailhead bearing shed siding, preserved under special UV glass, by my friend Tim Diltz of Sugarloaf Frame Shop. The custom sized frame was a memorable project for Tim - he cut and replaced the nail heads randomly studding the wood.

Unbeknownst to me, this sweet photo of Ritchie Havens included a letter of authenticity that further confirms the Ultimate Poster displayed here, could have come from only one place…