Yasgur Farms Dairy

Featured in the center of this sweet display is the cleanest of my glass quart bottles and two very rare half pint bottles. Flanking the bottles are two clearly branded wood and metal framed crates with wire grids designed to hold and safely transport 12 quart glass bottles each. Note the prideful imprint on snap in cardboard cap, and invitation on each container that left the Yasgur facilities.

Below are two classic porch delivery boxes - remnants of a simpler time when, if you contracted with a local dairy, this type of insulated tin container was included for the length of service. Once a week milk, or any dairy product you ordered, was deposited pre-dawn into this permanently embossed box waiting right outside your door. The shorter is 11 1/2 in. wide X 8 in. deep X 11 in. high. The taller is 9 in. wide X 10 1/4 in. deep X 13 1/2 in. high.

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